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The meaning of life is to share your gift

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Santjes Oomen has been a Holistic Healer, Energetic Bodyworker and compassionate, inspiring spiritual teacher for over two decades.

Are you in the process of change? Yearning to return to your strength? Dealing with physical, emotional or psychological challenges? Trying to understand who you fully are? Striving to make a difference in this world? With her gentle, compassionate, in-depth understanding of healing and wholeness, Santjes can help you.

She designs each treatment to address your specific overall needs, as well as what your being craves on the day of the session. Treatments are rarely exactly the same because as healing & growth takes place, your needs change. Your comfort is of the highest importance, so you will receive treatments in a quiet, comfortable space on a massage table (clothed or not, as you choose).

Santjes is available for private sessions in her Hingham, MA & Nantucket, MA offices, as well as at your home.

For more information or an appointment, contact Santjes at (508) 228-9939 or